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1063 Kingswood Ct Walnut Cove 27052 NC

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property specs31

Address:1063 Kingswood Ct
City, zip code:Walnut Cove, 27052
down payment:$750.00
Monthly payment:$600.00
brief description:This is a Ranch home that features: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 car carport, with over 912 sq.ft of living space that was built 1973
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What happens after you apply?

When you apply, your information is immediately sent to House Your Credits Credit Managers. They are the ones who analyze the credit, make the follow up phone calls and emails, and handle the paperwork. After you submit your application the Credit Managers will respond to you by email and phone call with your approval or denial within forty eight hours. Generally, Credit Managers choose buyers on a first-come first-serve basis.  They take the earliest applicant who has shown ability-to-pay and will-to-pay. Be honest and provide proof of what a responsible and low-maintenance homebuyer you will be..

When the credit manager calls, be ready!

If you are applying for our rent/lease-to-own program, you'll need Proof of Income: (last year's 1040 or W2, a current pay-stub within 30 days or other documentation)    Forms of ID (passport or state ID + social security card or other Federal ID). A recommendation from a former or current landlord (provide name and phone#) or other creditor or a passing credit score of 550 fico.

The Credit Manager will then be willing to arrange a walkthrough and if all goes well, you could be on your way home!

If you are applying for a cash purchase, you will need:
- Proof of Funds
- Two (2) forms of ID 

Home buying tips!

Be prepared!
Get a co-borrower (someone who is willing to be a primary borrower or who will be living in the house with you.

Explain your credit challenges if applicable. Have repair skills and/ or "Do it yourself attitude". Have ties to the neighborhood (work, family, friends, school, etc.)